Trump completed coronavirus treatment. In Europe, meanwhile, the rules are being tightened

China announced on Friday that it has formally joined the global COVAX initiative to make universal covid-19 vaccines widely available. According to Reuters, China has thus become the largest economy to date, promising support in financing the supply of vaccines to poorer countries.

– Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the number of passengers on British railways has fallen to 170 years ago, with fewer passengers than last spring carrying trains in the mid-19th century. Referring to data published by the Government Office for Road and Rail Transport (ORR), The Times reported.

– US President Donald Trump has completed treatment for coronavirus infection, his condition has been stable since his return to the White House on Monday and he will be able to return to his public duties on Saturday. Presidential Doctor Sean Conley announced it on Thursday.

– Another country in Europe is expected to tighten existing rules adopted to combat the spread of coronavirus on Friday. In parts of Scotland, pubs and bars will be closed for two weeks and outdoor public events will be canceled. Limited opening hours for bars and cafés will apply in Belgium, and school and university closures will be decided in the Brussels region.

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