Trump called Latinos and Blacks “stupid,” says his former lawyer Michael Cohen in a book – Observer

The President of the United States is said to have classified Latinos and Blacks as “stupid” among other racist comments, according to the memoir of Michael Cohen, a former personal lawyer for Donald Trump.

In the book “Disloyal: A memoir”, obtained by The Washington Post before its publication scheduled for Tuesday, Trump adds new attacks on the Latin community, according to the Spanish news agency EFE.

Cohen, convicted of fraud, among other crimes, says that Trump’s three oldest children went to his office after the businessman announced his intention to run for the Republican nomination in the summer of 2015 and that they wanted his father to withdraw from the campaign.

Trump said at the time that Mexico sent drug traffickers, criminals and rapists to the United States, justifying the installation of a wall on the border with the southern country, fearing his children that this rhetoric “would kill the company”.

Cohen says the tycoon was not concerned that the campaign would affect his business.

“Furthermore, I will never have the Hispanic vote (…) As blacks are too stupid to vote for Trump. They are not my people, ”said the American president according to Cohen’s book.

Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison for violating election campaign finance laws, buying money for the silence of women who claimed to have had relationships with Trump, as well as for tax evasion and false statements to a bank.

Before being arrested, the lawyer testified in Congress and reported numerous lies and crimes he allegedly committed to protect Trump, who he considered “a racist” and “a fraud”.

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