Trump Attacks Republican Governors After Biden’s Certified Victory | Univision News Elections in the US 2020

President Trump continues his battle against the electoral system of the states in which he lost and renewed his attacks against Republican governors after their states certified the victory of his rival Joe Biden in the presidential elections.

Such was the case with the attacks on Republican Governor Doug Ducey of Arizona. Ducey formally certified that Biden had won the state by 10,457 votes on Monday giving the Democrat all 11 state electoral votes in the Electoral College.

Trump criticized Ducey, saying without evidence that he had displayed “so much corruption” and “such horrible fraud.” The Republican governor responded to the attacks by defending the electoral integrity of his state.

“I’ve been quite frank about the Arizona electoral system and boasted a lot about it, even in the Oval Office. And for good reason. We have been doing early voting since 1992,” he said on Twitter.

“In Arizona, we have some of the strictest electoral laws in the country … that establish clear procedures to conduct, scrutinize, and even challenge election results. We have identification at the polls. We review EVERY signature on advance ballots, by hand, unlike from other states using computers … Bipartisan observers. Clear timelines, including ban on voting after Election Day. “

“The ballot opens a 5-day window for any voter to present a credible challenge to the election results in court. If you want to challenge the results, now is the time. Bring your demands. That is the law. I have taken an oath to maintain it and I take my responsibility very seriously, “the Republican closed on the social network.

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Against the governor of Georgia

Before that, the president charged another Republican governor, Brian Kemp of Georgia. Trump criticized him because the state did not match the signatures of the ballots during the electoral count, something that according to state law violates the secrecy of the vote and cannot be done.

This was explained by Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who has said that matching the signing of absentee ballots with the signing of the outer envelopes was almost impossible because the two documents are separated to protect privacy.

Trump asked the governor, whom he called “wretched,” to override the secretary of state to do a signature match on the ballots and envelopes.

“Why isn’t Governor Brian Kemp, the hapless Governor of Georgia, not using his emergency powers, which can easily be done, to override his stubborn secretary of state and do a signature match on the envelopes? It will be a ‘ gold mine ‘of fraud, and we will easily WIN the state, “he said without giving evidence and ignoring state law.

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