Trump and the Court

On Tuesday, the US Supreme Court issued a ruling on former President Trump’s tax returns. We recall that, even before occupying the presidency of the neighboring country, the entrepreneur refused to make them public.

Since 2019, members of a House of Representatives legislative committee have been trying to analyze the former president’s accounts with the public treasury. According to Trump, this is an investigation influenced by vested interests that seeks only to undermine him politically; therefore, he went to court to prevent it. The Court’s intervention is the most recent chapter in this dispute. The resolution removes any obstacle for the Treasury Department to provide lawmakers with Trump’s statements for six years: the year before he took office, the four years of his presidential term and the year after.

It should be emphasized that the Court’s decision was taken without any discussion. Furthermore, even though three of the court members were proposed by Trump, the resolution passed unanimously. With this, there are already three times that the highest court has issued sentences contrary to the former president. The first occurred in January, when he refused to stop the National Archives from handing over documents requested by the legislative committee investigating the uprising by Trump supporters on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021. The second occurred in October, as abstained from intervening in the legal dispute arising from the search carried out by FBI agents at the entrepreneur’s home, on suspicion of inappropriate manipulation of confidential documents. Trump’s reaction on this third occasion was dry: according to what was written on his social account Social truththe Court lost honour, prestige and position, becoming a political body to the detriment of the people.

The judicial decision has increased speculation in the legislative sphere about the possibility that the tax returns, so jealously guarded by the former president, are accessible to public opinion. The Court agreed to deliver the information to the House of Representatives, but did not resolve anything regarding the possibility of making it public. The fact that the Treasury is controlled by the Biden government will help deliver the data quickly. While it is true that, by and large, the government is prevented from disclosing taxpayer tax records, it is to be expected that key information about Trump’s finances will be released through a legislative committee report. Its chairman, Richard Neal, said thanks to the court’s resolution, lawmakers will be able to carry out the oversight they have been trying to carry out for more than three years. However, if they intend to ascertain any responsibility towards the former president, they must work in forced marches. That’s because the presidency of the legislative committee will pass to Republicans on Jan. 3, who lack incentive to impeach their now pre-candidate.

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