Truer-than-life music videos in The Extraordinary Evening on M6

He has always had a rich and crazy visual universe, Julien Doré. Full of humor and emotion too, like the text of one of his last songs, Kiki. Here he is, the interpreter wedged in a small cabin in the depths of a forest before teletransporting himself to the Grand Canyon, where he crosses paths with gigantic animals… All this, on stage.

Presented by Marie Portolano

M6 airs this Wednesday, June 30, 2021 The extraordinary evening. Artists come to sing their creations in huge sets created using augmented reality. Thus, Kendji Girac and Soolking with their title Baby will travel in an urban setting decorated with paint jets to the rhythm of dancers on a sandy beach. Vitaa and Slimane will sing De l’or in the ballroom of a castle which will turn into a giant chessboard …

Among the other guests, Gims, Louane, Clara Luciani, Patrick Bruel… The ensemble will be punctuated behind the scenes to understand behind the scenes.

At the head of this evening, the new face expected from M6, Marie Portolano, who will present among others the next season of Best Pastry Chef. Nice, why not. Not “extraordinary” either.

M6, 21 h 05.

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