True Thompson accidentally revealed Kylie Jenner’s son’s name, according to this TikTok theory

I bless you, TikTok, for giving us a place to gather to over-analyze all the mundane but still important things in life, like theories about how Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott named their son, for example.

A new fan theory, courtesy of TikTok user @marissaspagnoli, about the name of Jenner’s son is catching on, and if Marissa is right, the name leak came from Khloé Kardashian’s daughter True Thompson right in the damn Hulu series about the Kardashians. Yes. It’s a great swing theory, but that’s what makes it great. Let’s deepen.

“Ok, this is just a theory,” Marissa says at the beginning of the post.

I think Little Miss True leaked Kylie’s baby name. I show you this clip of Las Kardashian where I think it filters it.

Switch to a Kardashian FaceTiming clip with True after welcoming her second child via a surrogate and True adorably saying, “Hey Snowy!” the child you see on the screen.

In the clip, Kardashian corrects True by saying the baby’s name isn’t Snowy.

However, according to Marissa’s theory, that doesn’t mean True doesn’t know children with that particular climate-inspired name.

‘Snowy? Snowy and stormy! Marissa says after playing the clip.

‘Snowy child! She has a ring.

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Marissa also points to another scene in the second season premiere of Las Kardashian as evidence to support his Snowy Webster name theory, in particular, the moment Khloé explains to her best friend Malika how she handled True every time she told someone she shouldn’t have told him she was picking up a little brother when that information it was still top secret.

“He just tells people,” Kardashian said in the episode. “For example, when you see the baby, you will say, ‘I’ll have a brother too.’ And I’m like, “Haha, no, you’re not.” Because he’s only going to tell random people.

According to Marissa, this reinforces her Snowy Webster theory because, well, it’s pretty similar to how Kardashian downplayed True by calling her little brother Snowy and it appears to be just Khloe’s move to downplay the leaks of family secrets, her daughter. .

And for anyone who thinks the theory can’t be right because obviously the Kardashians could have changed the episode slip, Marissa has an answer for that too.

‘You’re going to say, why would they say that on the show? Yes, you have ever seen it Gossip Girl? They told you who he was in the first episode. I feel like that’s what they’re doing, “she explains.

You’re like in plain sight, Snowy Webster. It may be completely off. It could be Sunny, but I don’t know. I feel like Snowy.

So, feel free to go ahead and add “Snowy” to Kylie’s son name pool.

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