True Online adjust the new network Smart Plus 1 Gbps, starting at 599 baht.

TrueOnline understands every need. Organize the latest combo pack ‘True Gigatex Smart Plus’, real fiber home internet The speed is up to 1,000 Mbps, complete for work and study at home, convenient, uninterrupted, ready to enjoy all kinds of entertainment through the True ID TV box at a great price, starting at just 599 baht per month and increasing the home internet speed Current customers automatically equal to this new package. By February 2021

Mr. Thanaphum Phakvisarn, Director and Head of Commercial Division, True Online, True Corporation Public Company Limited, said that because of the new way of life of Thai people in the current situation. Having to study at home, work at home, makes home internet communication technology another important factor for family.

TrueOnline, as the leader in broadband internet with the largest customer base in the country, focuses on developing services to meet various lifestyles. Of customers throughout Especially during this time To be at home Stop the infection for the nation Therefore has selected a package that is sure to meet every application

‘True Gigatex Smart Plus’ combo, real fiber home patch, 1000 Mbps speed at a price that everyone can access. Starting at only 599 baht per month and more advanced by Band Steering Technology that combines all frequency bands of both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz into one. And select the best signal automatically Making it cover more areas of use than before And compatible with all connected devices

It is also complete with all happiness. With world-class entertainment through True ID TV, Android TV box, real Google standards To see all the famous movies, hit series, cartoon, variety, outstanding, more than 1,000 content, including live sports such as True Premier League and world famous football matches “

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“TrueOnline supports work and home study in accordance with measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. By taking care of current customers by automatically updating all home networks Equal to this new package Within February 2021, and has also collaborated with the NBTC to allow operators to increase the speed of home internet usage for customers under 100Mbps to get the speed at 100 Mbps, which opens the ‘True Gigatex Smart’ combo pack Plus’ and up-speed home internet for existing customers. Reinforcing TrueOnline’s leadership and determination To raise the standard of Thai home internet And join hands with Thais to overcome various obstacles together “

This is for customers who want to use broadband to cover more areas of the home. You can choose additional services as follows

Add entertainment to every room in the home even more from the ‘True Gigatex Smart Plus’ package that comes with a True ID TV box, customers can also add a True ID TV box for a fee of just 50 baht per month per point See more details at

Install the True Gigatex MESH WiFi accessory without the need for LAN cabling that comes with Band Steering technology to increase the strong wifi signal distribution area throughout the house. For a monthly price of 100 baht per point by choosing to apply for any additional package

Take care of it more by increasing the home internet speed for all current customers. The automatic version is equivalent to the new package, which will be completed in late February 2021. In addition, current customers can also receive other privileges. Many more at

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