True Group supports complete communication technology loop Free !! Download data “Mor Chana” – 60 minutes call fee – Post today economic news – business

True Group supports complete communication technology loop Free !! Download data “Mor Chana” – Call fee 60 minutes.

On January 13, 2021 at 9:22 a.m.

True Group Plays Digital Technology Policy to Fight the New Wave of COVID-19 for TrueMove H Customers Free data service Download the Doctor Win app With a 60-minute call fee for the state to immediately follow up and investigate the disease

News reports from True Corporation Group revealed that True, in collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DES) and the Office of Broadcasting Commission. Television business And the National Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) encourages Thai people to download and use the application. So that the government can monitor and investigate disease At a glance

By TrueMove H customers, both prepaid and postpaid Can be used without data charges To help reduce the cost of the public. TrueMove H customers will be entitled immediately without registration. From today onwards, take part in the new coronavirus crisis.

True Group also brings digital capabilities and communication technology within the True Group. Join in support of the COVID-19 mission Of all sectors For the Thai people When activating a TrueMove H SIM and top up at 7-Eleven or using 15 TruePoint to redeem the privileges as follows: 1. Download and use the Doctor Win application for free 2. Free 60-minute calls to all networks via True ID 3. Free online learning via VLEARN 4. Free work meeting via VROOM 5. Free COVID-19 insurance

At the same time, under such circumstances, True Group has also supported and helped stakeholders, such as sending a True 5G smart robot “Temi” to help medical staff to take care of patients Ready to install a fast moving mobile vehicle, TrueMove H, at the Sanam Hospital Sakorn People Care Center And Sanam Thammasat Hospital

As well as free smartphones with TrueMove H SIM using free internet to health volunteers Giving free of TrueMove H 100 sim to Department of Disease Control and providing water, food and mask. To help Myanmar workers


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