Truce in Gaza, massive climate plan for the United States, new outbreak of fires in France … The news of this Monday morning – Liberation


Calm in Gaza after a sudden outbreak of hostilities. The shaky truce that came into effect on Sunday evening between the Palestinian armed group Islamic Jihad and Israel was apparently respected on Monday morning, after three days of hostilities which claimed the lives of 44 Palestinians, including children, in Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip. .

A massive plan for the United States. The result of difficult negotiations with the right wing of the Democratic Party, the Biden plan for health and climate is finally adopted. The envelope includes the largest climate investment ever committed in the United States – $370 billion to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030. Read our article.

Tensions around Taiwan. The Chinese army announced on Monday, despite international calls, the continuation of military exercises near Taiwan, still to protest against the visit to the island claimed by Beijing of the American number three Nancy Pelosi. China began Thursday, the day after the departure from Taipei of Ms. Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, maneuvers “live fire” in six large areas around Taiwan.

Nuclear strikes in Ukraine. The UN Secretary General on Monday called any attack on nuclear power plants “suicidal” and called for a halt to military operations around the one in Zaporizhia, Ukraine, targeted this weekend, so that the Agency International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) can access it.

Rebound of the heat wave. This Monday, the rise in temperatures continues and reaches the northern half: “We expect 35°C to 37°C from the southwest to the southeast, and 30°C to 34°C further north, except for a small northwest quarter which remains below the 30°C mark”, according to Météo-France. Two departments, Gard and Vaucluse, are on heatwave orange vigilance. There will also be thunderstorms in the mountains in the afternoon.

Fires still at work. Some 130 residents of several hamlets in the foothills of the Chartreuse massif in Isère were preventively evacuated on Sunday after a forest and vegetation fire that has now spread over 75 hectares since its beginnings on Friday, while in the Dordogne a 110 hectares have were burned in two fires, now fixed, which broke out on Sunday.

Budget increase for Education, Labor and Solidarity. The government wants to increase by 12.5 billion euros, an increase “unprecedented by 11.4%”the credits allocated in the 2023 budget to Education, Labor and Solidarity, announced the Minister of Public Accounts Gabriel Attal in an interview this Monday in The echoes. This should in particular allow the rise of apprenticeship, with a target of 1 million apprentices by the end of the five-year term, and the establishment of a minimum salary of 2,000 euros net for teachers. Read our article.

To be continued

Trial of a football star. Former Manchester United star Ryan Giggs is on trial Monday in a Manchester court for domestic violence, charges he denies but which forced him to resign as Wales coach at the the approach of the Mondial-2022. Read our article on sexual violence in English football.

Race against time to save the beluga in the Seine. Five days after being discovered in the Seine, the beluga, which usually lives in polar waters, was still not feeding on Sunday and showing signs of illness, leaving “little hope” to a happy ending. Several options are on the table to put it back to sea. Read our article.


With the election in Colombia of Gustavo Petro, sworn in on Sunday, almost all of Latin America is now ruled by left-wing governments that have benefited from an effect “clearance”. But which form a heterogeneous and fragile block. Read our article.

The trend

Figurative art. Despised by institutions and the avant-gardes since the mid-1980s, figuration is making a comeback. A return to favor which underlines the will of artists to oppose the “patience” of their images to the visual flow which overwhelms us. Read our article.

The report

At the bedside of French natural sites. This summer, an overview of the solutions put in place to preserve the natural heritage threatened by climate change. In Auvergne, a regional natural park sets up islands of senescence in the forest. Indeed, patches of dead wood favor many species. Read our article.

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