“Troublesome!” Gourmet original author of loneliness, dissatisfaction with restaurant “smartphone order” also explodes… Net pros and cons: J-CAST News[full text]

On January 17, 2023, manga artist Masayuki Kusumi, who is known as the original author of the popular manga “Kodoku no Gourmet,” which has also been made into a TV drama, said, “It’s troublesome. !” and other dissatisfaction exploded on Twitter, and the pros and cons are flying on the Internet.

  • “Lonely Gourmet 2” (Fusosha) (Image from Amazon)

  • From Masayuki Kusumi's Twitter (@qusumi)

    From Masayuki Kusumi’s Twitter (@qusumi)

  • “Lonely Gourmet 2” (Fusosha) (Image from Amazon)
  • From Masayuki Kusumi's Twitter (@qusumi)

“Just say ‘hot coffee’ to you right now, that’s fine.”

Mr. Kusumi said, “It’s troublesome because the coffee shop I used to use often uses a smartphone to read the QR code on the table!” “The waiter brings the menu and says, ‘Please place your order on your smartphone.’ Now you can just say ‘hot coffee.’ lamented.

In response to this tweet, on SNS, there were opinions in favor of it, such as, “That’s true,” “There are many cases where analog is faster,” and “Does that mean people who don’t have smartphones shouldn’t come to drink coffee?” It also prevents mistakes, and I think it’s better from the store clerk’s point of view.” “I’m happy because I don’t have to wait for the clerk.” In reality, the system is easier.”

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