Troubled by airplane seats that recline too much, this woman takes her revenge


Airplane passengers they often argue in reclining chairs. Well, this woman does not want to lose and take revenge.

Recently, an Australian citizen, Fiona, shared her experience of air travel through a radio show on Fitzy & Wippa.

This woman says she’s found a way to get even with passengers who recline too much airplane.

“When you fly economy class, the person in front of you is very inconsiderate and leans back,” Fiona said.

Overhead air conditioning venting is the answer. Fiona said a passenger victim who likes to lay back in the chair can turn the vent towards the offender.

“I shot it right in the face and at full speed,” he said.

The clip of this phone call instantly went viral and was viewed nearly a million times. Many netizens agree, but not a few are against.

“This is a new way,” netizens praised.

“I’m going to use this because my feet barely fit the back of the chair even when I’m upright,” another chimed in.

Netizens who disagree think this trick is sneaky. Passengers have the right to recline their seat because they have already paid.

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