Trouble in the fight for the Olympic Games: Unvaccinated Červenka has a big problem, Šulák is not going to Finland with a satellite

The Milan Gulaš from České Budějovice accepted the challenge to fight for Beijing, so next week, after almost two years, he will put on the national team’s jersey again. However, another striker, Vladimír Sobotka from Sparta, had to refuse due to injury.

And then there are the defender of Vladivostok Libor Šulák and the striker of the Swiss Rapperswil Roman Červenka.

No more Czech Republic! The hockey team will have the name Czechia on the jerseys

The Finns will only release players and members of the implementation team vaccinated against coronavirus to their country on Karjala, which Červenka is not. And if he is not vaccinated, he will probably lose the Olympics in Beijing, where only athletes with a vaccine can. Unvaccinated would face a three-week quarantine, which de facto means a stop sign for participating in the games.

Libor Šulák in the jersey of the national team.

Czech hockey, Jan Beneš

Červenka, who last represented at the 2018 World Championships in Denmark, would then lose the chance to take part in the fourth Olympic Games in a row after participating in the games in Vancouver, Sochi and Pyongyang.

“He is interested in wrestling for the nomination for the Olympics, but unfortunately he is not vaccinated, which is quite a big problem. Unfortunately, he can’t go without vaccinations. If the situation does not change on his part, the Olympics are unrealistic for him, “says Nedvěd in the address of the forward, who shines in the Swiss league when he scored 27 Canadian points in eight games for eight goals and nineteen assists and is second in the productivity table.

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Gulaš is returning to the national team after two years! The only newcomer to Karjala is goalkeeper Lukeš

Šulák is vaccinated, but it is a satellite. And Finland requires a three-day quarantine for this vaccine after entering the country. The Czech national team will arrive in Helsinki next Thursday and will play matches with the home national team on Saturday, with the Russians a day later. Thus, Nedvěd and Pešán had to omit Šulák in the nomination.

Experienced forward Jan Kovář will not go to Karjala or the Channel One Cup, the coaches will decide on his inclusion in the nomination for the Olympics only at the last minute.

The star David Krejčí from Olomouc will then play only a match in Prague with the Finns in December as part of the Channel One Cup. He will no longer fly to Moscow, the main venue of the tournament, with the team. “David doesn’t need to be dragged after all the matches. We don’t need to see him, we know what to expect from him, “Nedvěd suggested that the returnee from Boston has a certain place in Beijing.

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