trouble in a school in Abobo this Wednesday

A school located by the roadside in Abobo plateau Dokui not far from the sotra bus stop suffered in the morning of this Wednesday, November 17, 2021, around 8:10 am, stone throwing from a group of individuals in uniform. school, found Linfodrome, on the spot.

On board a mini coach called “Gbaka”, we could see this scene.

Further, questioned, of what was happening, a few scattered students replied< ils sont venus nous déloger>>.

Would it be a demonstration to obtain early vacations?

Become common in recent years in Ivory Coast, with the approach of the end of year celebrations, the pupils themselves decide on their own dates of leave by sweeping aside the division of the school year with the back of their hand. established by the Ministry of National Education and Literacy.

Before this phenomenon gains momentum, if it is proven, the actors of the Ivorian education system must take the appropriate measures to “kill the chick in the bud”.


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