Tropically warm temperatures: 37 degrees and locally even more

Temperatures up to 37 degrees today, or even more locally in the Kempen, the RMI reports. Code red therefore remains valid: take it easy and drink enough water.

On Saturday we will get tropical temperatures again, up to 37 degrees or even a little more in the Kempen. At the sea we get a maximum of 31 degrees. Changing clouds over the western half of the country and moderate sea breezes dampen the temperatures. Saturday evening and night it remains sultry with minimums between 14 degrees in the High Fens and up to 23 degrees in the big cities.

On Sunday we get fairly sunny weather again, with cloud fields from time to time, especially in the course of the afternoon. The mercury climbs again to 36 degrees in the center of the country. In the afternoon a moderate sea breeze rises by the sea, so that the maximums do not exceed 30 degrees. A local heat storm is not excluded on Sunday.

At the beginning of next week it will remain tropical warm, although we will gradually end up in more humid and unstable air. Monday will be partly cloudy with a local heat storm. The maximums will then again reach 36 degrees in the center of the country. Due to the increased humidity, it will feel oppressive.

On Tuesday it will be partly cloudy with a chance of some local thunderstorms. There is also no cooling off, with maximums around 35 degrees in the center.

Wednesday it will be very sultry with a lot of sun at first and cumulus clouds later. From France, the chance of a few fierce thunderstorms increases. It gets tropically hot again with maximums of up to 36 degrees in many places.

From Thursday it will be less warm, with maximums of up to 29 degrees in the center of the country. It may also be changeable with scattered thunderstorms. Also on Friday there is a chance of a thunderstorm at about 26 degrees in the center.

It is unseen that the temperatures fluctuate around 35 degrees for so many days in a row. So we are heading for a record series of tropical hot days, a result of climate change.

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