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“Trophies” that have been obtained on PS4 will be brought to PS5 page all – PlayStation Vita (PSVita), PlayStation 3 (PS3), and PlayStation 4 ( PS4) is certainly no stranger to the achievement system (achievement) nicknamed game ” Trophies“.

Indicator system level This records the various achievements of the console owner, for example when completing a game.

Now, Sony confirmed that the Trophies system on PS4 will be brought to PS5. This means that players don’t have to worry about losing achievement or a list of the records they got on the PS4, when they later switch to PS5.

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“Various Trophies obtained on previous game consoles (PSVita, PS3, and PS4) will be brought to the PS5 system, just like previous generations,” said Director Product Management, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Toshimasa Aoki, in a statement. announcement.

Later, all the Trophies that have ever been obtained can be viewed on various PlayStation systems, such as PSVita, PS3, PS4, and PS5.

Progress The points earned for increasing the level of the Trophies can also be monitored via smartphone on the PS App and site My PlayStation.

Trophies level increase

Regarding the level, Sony also confirmed that it will increase the maximum level of all Trophies that we get, from 100 to 999.

The division consists of four levels, namely Bronze (level 1-299), Silver (level 300 – 500), Gold (level 600 – 998), and Platinum (level 999).

Now, when this update has been implemented, the Trophies level that players have will be adjusted based on the number of achievements and games played.

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For example, if the level of our Trophies is at 12, then that level could be increased to a higher number and could even break through level 100.

To make it easier for users how close they are to the next level, the Trophies icon illustration will also be overhauled.

Sony Illustration of changing level icons in Trophies.

For example, the Trophies level 1-99 icon will be in the form of a Bronze trophy only, while Trophies level 299 (which is close to the Silver level), will be decorated with various extra lines that circle the Bronze trophy.

As summarized KompasTekno from Blog PlayStation, Sunday (11/10/2020), this Trophies level system update will be rolled out to all supported game consoles (systemically) starting today.

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However, this update appears to be available for North America and Europe only.

It is not yet known when the Asian region will get this Trophies level upgrade feature. KompasTekno has contacted Sony. However, until the time this news was written, there was no confirmation regarding the update.


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