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Triumvirate to underpin the change of strategy in anti-flu vaccination

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Public health has confirmed the change of strategy to strengthen the coverage of vaccination against influenza. Advance so the vaccination is the intention of the Ministry of Health, as he overtook Fernando Simon.

A question in the communities
autonomous has spent weeks stressing. Active uptake, in fact, is
taking place in the different regions. It is clear that the change of
strategy in this question is being at all levels. The experts
take time insisting that it is necessary to tackle the next campaign
flu in a multidisciplinary way. Here, the medicine,
nursing and pharmacy is the muscle that can champion this change

As pointed out by Juan González del Castillo, responsible of Infectious Diseases of the Spanish Society of Medicine of Urgencies and Emergencies (Shemesh), it is necessary to raise the universal vaccination for influenza. A question that needs to redouble efforts in the National Health System. “We don’t know how will be the interaction between patients with the influenza virus and the coronavirus”, explains the urgenciólogo. Therefore, to insist on the vaccination of vulnerable groups and the general population is most urgent.

Within this exercise, each health care professional
has a fundamental role. González del Castillo highlighted the role of nursing in the first level of care. It also shows
value the role of the pharmacy as a good platform of support, on
all, in the field of awareness.

In this same line,
the national coordinator of the Working group Activities
Preventive of Semergen,
has already discussed with GM the effort
that has to do the sector.

Round showed
so your concern about the decrease of the actual coverages.”Even in the
collective in that he was still recommended for the vaccination during the
crisis has observed a significant drop of around 30 percent.” In your
opinion, it is essential to take up those bags and all that is
suspended by the crisis
in a primary care setting that, in addition,
is saturated.

The spokesman
Semergen advocates for the involvement of all professionals in it to promote the
access to the points of vaccination, provided that you comply with the warranties.
As she recalls the Round in our country can only administer vaccines
professionals of nursing and medicine, the centers must meet conditions and
special requirements for if there is an anaphylactic reaction. According to his vision,
this is very difficult to meet in places that are not specific centres. “It is
difficult to achieve, but if it were feasible any initiative that will benefit to improve vaccine coverage with
guarantees I think it would be positive
” remarks.

Precisely, pharmacists are willing
to expand its role to increase the coverage “without stepping on anyone”. As well
it was posted
recently The Global, in an article
where the profession
pharmaceutical you want to leave it clear. “It is not about replacing. The
vaccination you must continue to be carried mainly in the centers of
and continue to be led by Nursing. But there are
other collaborative models,” recalls Jesús C. Gómez, president of the
Spanish society of Pharmacy of the Family and Community (Sefac).

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