Triple gold for the Saint-Doulchard club in the Bourges regional foil circuit

After the victory of the previous weekend at the Scaramouche challenge in Angers (in M13), Chloé Garzon confirmed herself on Saturday in Bourges.

In the morning she won in the U15s, where she was outclassed, among seven participants. “Sometimes it’s easier to win in the higher category because there’s less pressure,” temporised Marianne Jacquelin, fencing master at the Saint-Doulchard club.

However, his young protégé who started foiling at the age of 7 and is now twelve, was able to control his emotions during the afternoon. In the end: a second gold medal, in M13, where there were 12 shooters. “She’s a fighter, underlined her coach. In competition, she watches her opponent a lot. And above all she is always positive. »

The Dolciardian club was also able to count on Pierre Roguez to win another title, in M13, among the boys. The Garzon family also stood out in this category, thanks to the third place of their brother Maxence.

M15 girls’ podium: with Chloé Garzon and Mélina Girardeau (in the centre) for the Cher clubs.

Organizing club, with the support of the departmental association of Cher, the CSA of the Military Schools of Bourges achieved a podium thanks to Mélina Girardeau (3rd in M15). In this age group it was the first qualifying round for the Fête des jeunes, the national final.

In total, around 70 young people (from M9 to M15) took part in this meeting.

The results

The M9 and M11 featured on this sports platform.
BOURGES (arms room of Françoise-Sineau). Regional tour.
M13.1. C. Garzon (Saint-Doulchard), 2. C. Coudier (Issoire), 3. M. Chauvette-Dreffier (Saint-Denis) and L. Turquois (Châteauroux).
M15.1. C. Garzon (Saint-Doulchard), 2. É. Dujong (SAT Tours), 3. M. Girardeau (CSA-EMB) and E. Touzeau (Saint-Denis).
M13.1. P. Roguez (Saint-Doulchard), 2. A.-M. Cozette-Bao (Bourgueil), 3. M. Garzon (Saint-Doulchard) and S. Lafranque (Meung/Loire).
M15.1. E. Bagaev (SAT Tours), 2. L. Marty Froissart (Saint-Denis), 3. S. Lafranque (Meung/Loire) and L. Landré (ESL 45).

Regional circuit of the sword, in Dreux

Several swordsmen of the department fired this weekend in Eure-et-Loir. Among the boys, the best performance was obtained by Dolchardien Tom Pelou (updated M15) winner of the M17 classification. Among the girls Alizé Langlais finished third, also in M17.

Philip Roche

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