Tripière d’Or 2021 in Caen: here is the list of the winners of the International Grand Prix

Laurent Bellée, chef at Bougnat in Dives-sur-Mer (Calvados), won, Sunday, October 17, 2021, in Caen, the supreme title of the Caen fashionable tripe competition: the Tripière d’or.

Other professionals also won a prize, just below the category of this unique golden trophy (score above 75). West France indicates them by category.

They are the recipients of an international Grand Prize (score obtained above 70 points out of 80).

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Category: butcher

Guy Baue, Verson (14)

André Dierick, Douvres-la-Délivrande (14)

Bryan Gerard, Ouistreham (14)

Christophe Hue, Verson (14)

Eric Moussu, Vimoutiers (61)

Sébastien Philippe, Bayeux (14)

Arthur Ruffier, Argentan (61)


Announcement of the results of the 2021 Gold Tripière © Ouest-France

Category: butcher

Frédérique Decayeux, Villers-sur-Mer (14)

Michel Decayeux, Villers-sur-Mer (14)

François Kabelnier, Cagney (14)

Anne Martragny, Fontenay-le-Pesnel (14)

Category: cook restaurateur

Jonathan Gimer, Argentan (61)

Franck Mahe, Ouistreham (14)

Daniel Oliveira de Pinto, Ouistreham (14)

François Papouin, Giberville (14)

Jean-Raymond Tesson, Lisieux (14)

Category: canner

Julien Sabot, Caen (14).

Professionals, whose list would be too long to transcribe here, also received a national grand prize (score of 65 to 65.99), a national award (score of 60 to 64.99) or an honorable mention (score from 55 to 59.99).



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