Trinidad Hospital: meeting in February with the Ministry of Health

The parliamentarians of Martinique have obtained a meeting on February 11 with the office of the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran. This interview should make it possible to make progress on the subject of funding for the reconstruction of the hospital in Trinidad, whose nursing staff has been on strike since last September. If discussions resumed between the unions and the management of the hospital today Wednesday, January 13, a costed plan was still awaited by the government.

Mobilization of parliamentarians from Martinique

It turned out that the reconstruction file for the Louis Domergue de Trinité hospital had stalled for many years. The staff strike movement thus started since September in order to denounce the working conditions, claim resources and above all demand the reconstruction of the establishment.

After several stops, discussions between the unions and the management of the CHUM resumed this morning, Wednesday, January 13. In the meantime, the reconstruction file, and its costing were supposed to advance. But the next deadline was announced by the coordinator of this file, the deputy for the Atlantic center, Josette Manin, who recalls the investment of all the parliamentarians of the island:

We have taken actions each of us, or jointly, in defense of this case of the Trinity hospital

A working meeting of parliamentarians took place last October with the ARS and the management of the CHUM, then with the UGTM union. The deputy Jean-Philippe Nilor had also intervened on this subject during questions to the government, and a letter signed by all the parliamentarians had been sent to Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health.

A meeting on February 11 with the office of the Minister of Health on the costing of the work

If Josette Manin mentions the constitution of a monitoring committee made up of the mayor of Trinité, president of Cap Nord, among others, the government has requested a costing for this reconstruction of the hospital, indicating that it had not received a file. About that.

A videoconference meeting has therefore been set for February 11 between the office of the Minister of Health and parliamentarians. The goal is to get answers on funding for the reconstruction of the hospital.

We will bring a financing plan and the objective is to have a return on the government’s share in the financing of this hospital

The meeting should also bring together the mayors concerned, union representatives and a representative of the Ministry of Overseas.

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