TRIBUNE. “Polish power violates both the constitution and the treaties!” “

The ruling party in Poland falsely gave itself the name of Law and Justice but for the past six years he has openly violated the law and made fun of justice. And, he is taking Poland out of the European Union with small steps. It calls into question the fundamental principles enshrined in the treaties, signed and accepted by the late president Lech Kaczynski – brother of the leader of the Law and Justice party – Jaroslaw.

On Thursday, October 7, 2021, the Constitutional Court – a fictitious institution made up of judges puppets, close to the party in question – declared, by order of Jaroslaw Kaczynski, that the Polish Constitution should take precedence over European law. Or, this power violates both the Constitution and the treaties! However, the message to the people is crystal clear: we will not abandon our sovereignty to the bureaucrats in Brussels! It’s the same old story you hear in France from Marine le Pen and, now, Eric Zemmour.


The judgment of the Constitutional Court means, in reality, the Polexit because it openly disavows the principles which constitute the heart of the European Union and which concern all its members. All EU countries are required to respect the decisions of the European Court of Justice, except the Polish government which rejects them. All member countries must respect the principle of the independence of judges and courts, except the Polish government, which flouts it. The same is true of the principle of the separation of powers that our government liquidated a long time ago.

Kaczynski’s party, its activists, acolytes and members of their families, have taken over the state. They dominate parliament, government, courts and public media. There are, of course, a few independent newspapers and one television station. There are also some honest judges and prosecutors but these are persecuted or subject to disciplinary proceedings. How long will the last bastions of freedom hold out?

This brings us to the heart of the matter. Why that ? Why did Kaczynski decide to lead the country into a head-on collision with the EU? It turns out that Kaczynski has a lot to lose. He expects a colossal sum of money from the EU: in total more than 60 billion euros from the European Recovery Plan. But on one condition: respect the principles of the rule of law that the current power flouts without restraint.

There are countries that have a mafia, in Poland it is the mafia that holds the country, as former Prime Minister Leszek Miller said. The judgment of the pseudo-constitutional court formulated by the pseudo-judges is a desperate attempt to guarantee impunity for this power. In this case, it is a question of protecting men from power and their dirty deeds. In short, it is about maintaining power at all costs. Even at the cost of Poland leaving the EU.

Poland hostage to nationalists

Undoubtedly, without EU money, the Law of Justice party will have a harder time winning future elections. But power is priceless. This is why money will be distributed again to retain the electorate at the cost of growing government debt. Inflation is already rampant – 6% and may reach even 10% at the end of 2022. The EU will be accused of all the evils as it has been for several years by the pro government media.

Moreover, helped by the Belarusian dictator Lukashenko who sent immigrants on the eastern border of the country, the power in place is ready to resort to all xenophobic phobias. The government has already declared a state of emergency in the border regions with Belarus, while prohibiting media access to the area concerned. He practices a policy of refoulement, preventing immigrants – including women and children – from making asylum claims and forcing them to return to Belarus.

In this scandalous affair, he defends the nation threatened by the hordes of depraved Muslims. Recently, at a press conference, the Home Secretary showed a video allegedly found on an immigrant’s phone showing scenes of zoophilic pornography. It turns out that these were images from a pornographic film circulating on the Internet.

Poland is held hostage by anti-European nationalists who hate Europe because they do not understand it and do not know it. The only thing they like is their money!

Demonstrations are taking place this Sunday to defend European Poland. Only our determination and our resistance can allow us to remove the nationalists from power. They are just as dangerous for Poland as they are for the EU. Kaczynski is not alone in Europe. He has his lookalikes. In France also.



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