“Triānas Parks” announces a mini-album with a new clip, does not give up the idea of ​​concerts – Music

The group “Triānas Parks” has released a single and a video clip “Lonely Island”, which is the harbinger of the upcoming EP or mini-album “Compositions” at the end of October.

The song “Lonely Island” and its clip “Triangles” have done well in several respects: it is interesting musically and attracts with its lyrics, moreover, its clip is successful and can be viewed from the point of view of the video footage filmed in it. The song originated in the group’s creative camp, where the idea of ​​loneliness and loneliness was developed as a positive aspect, which is not always, especially in modern culture, it is perceived. “As much as we need other people and active socialization, we also need moments of peace and quiet. Then we can meet ourselves and deal with deeper and more important issues, which often do not have time to run in the daily wheel. The message of the song is direct, and the musicians hope that the song will be a positive inspiration to find their lonely island to take refuge and restart, ”says the creative team of” Triana Park “. It should be noted that in the video, the band used elements of choreography for the first time (dance choreography was created by Ieva Biteniece), which was a thorough challenge for the leader of the “trio” Agnese Rakovska.

It is not yet known exactly how the “triads” are going to show “Compositions” to a wider audience, but the band has not given up on the idea of ​​performing. True, due to the restrictions on gatherings in the country, the planned big concert at the Hanzas Perons cultural center on October 15 was postponed to March 25, 2021, however, this autumn Triāna Parks will perform with the album ”, On October 23 in the concert hall“ Valmiera ”and on October 24 in Skriveri Culture Center. “Currently, musicians deal with their planned concerts in different ways: someone cancels, someone transfers, someone organizes two separate ones, and so on. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to hold a big concert at the Hanseatic Platform, but there will still be small concerts. We have recalculated the places of medicine, each listener will have his own place, observing all the requirements of distance, ”explains Agnese.

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