Triana Iglesias: – Takes the baby to «Paradise»

Triana Iglesias (38) has since the program’s infancy over a decade ago led young adults through the reality series «Paradise Hotel».

These days she is expecting her first child together with her fiancé, the Finnish rapper Mikael Gabriel, and it has therefore been questioned whether she will continue as host.

Dagbladet has now received confirmation that the 38-year-old will board the plane to Mexico next year once, for a new season of the reality series. It tells the reality queen herself.

– I had not imagined that I would say yes, because I did not think it would fit. Normally we play in January, and that would not have happened. I simply did not think it was possible, until TV3 put some other offers on the table. I am very grateful for that, she says on the phone from Finland.

<img itemprop="image" data-defer="view" title="CLEAR: Triana Iglesias is ready for a new round of «Paradise Hotel». Photo: Andreas Fadum / See and Hear” alt=”CLEAR: Triana Iglesias er klar for en ny runde med «Paradise Hotel». Foto: Andreas Fadum / Se og Hør” class=”” srcset=” 640w, 1024w, 1240w” src=”″/>
CLEAR: Triana Iglesias is ready for a new round of «Paradise Hotel». Photo: Andreas Fadum / See and Hear
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The production company has decided to move the recording. It will continue to take place in Mexico, but not for the same period of time as it traditionally does. Iglesias does not want to reveal when it will be, but says that it is suitable for her – who at the time will be a fairly new mother.

– We will make the same quality program as always, and I am eternally grateful that they want me with another round. The difference is that I will have a small baby, who will be dependent on me.

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Brings the baby

Iglesias says she has in practice been a mother since she “peed on that stick”, and is extremely looking forward to the little one coming. She does not want to reveal her date or gender, but she can tell you that she is taking the baby to Mexico.

– I think it will go very well. I will have a large entourage with my family, assistant and my girlfriend, so it just has to work. I have asked if they can be in my trailer, which is on location, when I am filming. That way I know that my boyfriend can take care of me when I work, she says, and continues:

– I love working with this, and I’m really looking forward to another season. It will of course be a little different this year, for several reasons, but we will make it happen.

The corona pandemic is probably not over when the recording will start. The production company must take its precautions. The production tells Dagbladet that they work closely with the Swedish and Danish production of the program, and that together they prepare a comprehensive plan. Cast and crew must be tested regularly, among other things.

– We must take all precautions we can, even with the little one. Vaccines and all that, are very important, but babies get a lot of that at the three-month check-up. Therefore, it will not be until it is over that we travel down, says Iglesias, and continues:

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– I am convinced that this will go just fine. You just have to follow the flow, and this feels right to me now. There are probably some who are tired of seeing me on screen, but fortunately not all. It’s incredibly cool, and I thank you for the trust, she chuckles.

– Do you think we will see the baby in the program?

– No, I probably do not think so. It may not quite fit in, laughs Iglesias.

At the same time, she can tell that they are now looking for participants for the coming season, and that they want to break a little with the traditional pattern.

– We would like to include people who are approaching or have turned 30. We have not set an upper age limit this year for that reason. We are not looking for the typical participant. So – if you want to join, just apply, she encourages.

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The first child

This will be Iglesias and fiancé Mikael Gabriel’s first child.

Iglesias met the talented artist when they both participated in the international car race “Gumball 3000” in 2015. Just before 2016 turned into 2017, Iglesias and his girlfriend revealed on social media that they had taken the relationship a step further – and got engaged.

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The two often post photos of each other on Instagram. It was also here that the “Paradise Hotel” host revealed that they expected their first child together.

“So I’m overjoyed to finally share another blessing: A little human being to join us on this journey is growing,” Iglesias wrote when she revealed the news of her pregnancy in June.

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