Tretyak called the main mistake of the Russian national team at the World Cup among youth | In Russia, Sports

January 01, 2020, 23:55

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President of the Russian Hockey Federation Vladislav Tretyak commented on the performance of the Russian national team at the World Youth Hockey Championship in the Czech Republic.

“The main mistakes are the number of deletions. And so I can say that we have a team. Victories over Canada and Germany made us feel confident. The most important thing for us now is discipline. We have a good team, there are leaders and there are those who score” – said the hockey player. His words lead RIA News.

At the group stage in Ostrava, the Russian team won two victories (over Canada with a score of 6: 0 and Germany – 6: 1) and suffered two defeats (from the Czech Republic – 3: 4 and the USA – 1: 3). According to the results of the youth team of Russia took third place in group B.

Tomorrow the team will play in the quarter finals against the Swiss national team.

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