Trend that makes many shiver could continue this autumn too: slippers combined with socks | Fashion and beauty

For many the horror itself, but approved by many style icons: slippers with white socks. The trend has decorated our streets for two summers and is now taking a queue, adapted to the autumn vibe, that’s right. The principle remains the same, but this season you opt for more wintery socks and possibly replace your slippers with slippers or slipper-like footwear.

Little mercy on the gods of time: autumn and colder temperatures came like a bolt from the blue. But the fashion gods are more disposed towards us. Because if you ask them, we don’t have to put away our summer clothes right away. It is currently extremely elegant to wear dresses with long boots and bare legs. And now you can also pull out the dress that Princess Diana loved.

Diamond Burberry sandals … with black socks

Good news: We don’t have to dust off our UGGs or other winter shoes yet. You can also wear summer slippers or flip-flops. If you ask Kanye West anyway. “What are those,” daughter North sang a few years ago at a dad’s concert. According to many, this statement also applies to the outfit West wore at the Burberry show last week.

The Chicago American was seen in an all-black suit, as is often the case. The star of his outfit? Her flip flops studded with diamonds. It’s a brand new pair from Burberry that isn’t even for sale. So we don’t know a price, but the sandals of the English brand usually cost between 300 and 700 euros, without diamonds.

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The rapper combined the slippers with, yes, black socks. Despite the separation of the fingers. We do not know the brand of the socks, but the inspiration seems to come from the controversial Tabi shoes of the Maison Margiela.

Was (Flip-) flop?

Many are very critical. “Kanye West survives his (flip-) flop era,” says US magazine Dazed. With this, the American website refers to the fact that Kanye has continuously made headlines over the past year due to questionable statements and actions. He is regularly criticized for handling his divorce from Kim Kardashian and for spreading his drama with the Gap and Adidas brands in the media, even though he had a deal with them.

“Flip-flops at fashion week, just like it does every week against Kim Kardashian,” one tweeted. “We can call someone from outer space to come and get him, I think the aliens put him on the wrong planet,” according to another Twitterer. But there are not only criticisms. “He is really the goat”Writes someone else. A ‘goat’ is jargon for someone who is exceptionally good at what they do.

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