Treatment of heart failure now also possible at home

Using a nurse practitioner and technology, patients can be cared for at home and hospitalization can be avoided. The home treatment was made possible in part by the health insurer Zorg en Zekerheid.

With heart failure, most people experience physical ailments such as fluid in the legs, shortness of breath, and fatigue. When patients retain too much fluid, diuretics are given in tablet form or intravenously. Until recently, infusion treatment took place in the hospital, but now it can also be done at the patient’s home. For some time now, the Heart Disease Department of the LUMC, the Marente care organization and Zorggroep Katwijk (general practitioners) have been working closely together to shape intensive care for patients with severe heart failure at home.

The health parties are therefore delighted that this is now possible. This way, patients can recover at home in their familiar surroundings with the same quality of care as in the hospital. Marente’s cardiologist or general practitioner and a cardiology nurse specialist assist patients with this. The treatment will initially be offered in the municipalities of Katwijk and Leiden.

Promotion of quality of life

The first experiences are positive. “It’s great to be able to receive this care at home in my safe environment,” says one of the first patients. Telemonitoring plays a role in the treatment of heart failure at home. Patients receive a package with various devices for taking measurements at home; Called “The Box”.

With a sphygmomanometer, a scale and an app, a patient can closely monitor their health and the healthcare professional is alerted in time if necessary. Healthcare providers expect heart failure patients to be able to receive the right treatment in their home situation for longer with the new specialized home treatment. As a result, quality of life will improve and the number of emergency room patients and/or hospital admissions will decrease.

By: National Care Guide

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