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Large facilities allow optimal management of our waste.

The Cheneviers waste recovery and treatment plant

This is theincineration plant of residual and non-recyclable waste from the canton of Geneva, managed by SIG (Services Industriels de Genève). Household garbage as well as part of business waste is incinerated there. The heat produced makes it possible to produce electricity and heat (cogeneration) which are used on site and in the surrounding homes, thanks to the CADIOM network.

The current factory, known as Cheneviers III is being deconstructed to make way for the project Cheneviers IV, a smaller, more efficient plant with reduced environmental impacts. Its commissioning, scheduled for 2025, will require a 25% reduction in incinerated urban waste.

The Châtillon green pole

It’s about anaerobic digestion-composting site organic waste from the canton of Geneva, managed by SIG. Kitchen waste is methanized there and then composted, while garden waste is directly composted. The compost produced is returned to nature via farmers, horticulturalists and home gardening.

By 2025, the green pole will be replaced by Pôlebio, a more modern and more efficient installation.

Châtillon landfill

This landfill managed by SIG is intended to receive bottom ash (type D landfill) and rot-proof waste such as polluted soil, asphalt, sands from STEP (type E landfill). The two compartments being full, the landfill will close shortly.

In accordance with the principle of elimination on the territory, a multi-criteria study led to the identification of 3 potential sites for a new type D and E landfill.

The future heat-force plant

This plant is designed to optimize the incineration of used wood and problem wood thanks to a dedicated heating network. The project is under development. It will be carried by SIG and the State of Geneva.

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