Treating severe cases is vital in China’s fight against COVID-19

Par : Laura| Keyword: China,COVID-19 | Updated 2022-11-22

Strengthening the capacity of medical services, especially the medical capacity to treat patients with severe symptoms, remains crucial in China’s fight against COVID-19, a Chinese health official said on Tuesday.

Although the country has a relatively low death rate from COVID-19 and a low rate of severe cases, it is still crucial to maintain a high level of preparedness to treat patients with severe symptoms, said Guo Yanhong, head of the National Health Commission. during a press conference.

China’s large elderly population and many people with underlying diseases are the most vulnerable to the virus, he said. She added that there is a need to improve treatment capabilities for serious diseases to better protect them.

Furthermore, strengthening treatment capacity for serious diseases is important in the fight against COVID-19 and is essential for the long-term and quality development of China’s medical services, Guo said.

He added that China aims to increase the accessibility of quality medical resources and promote their balanced distribution in the country.

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