Treat cancer, the patient must be open and not afraid to ask questions

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Being a smart patient and looking for a good doctor are two important things in treating cancer patients, said dr. Eko Adhi Pangarsa, Chairman of the Indonesian Cancer Foundation (YKI), Central Java Branch.

Eko explained that a smart patient must be honest and open in explaining everything he feels so that doctors can diagnose correctly.

“Meanwhile, a good doctor can be a partner for cancer patients in facing the uncertainty caused by their disease,” said Eko during his presentation in the Patient Safety Day 2020 webinar, Thursday.

Doctors and patients must have a good relationship. Patients who have the right to treatment give trust to doctors, while doctors who have the knowledge and power to determine the best treatment are also responsible for caring for patients.

In order for the relationship to work well, cancer patients must be smart so that the treatment process runs more smoothly. If you need information, contact a doctor. Don’t look for information from other places that aren’t necessarily accurate.

Searching for answers on your own not in an expert can lead to wrong answers. Don’t be afraid to ask the doctor, but ask the right questions.

“Sometimes the questions swirl, or ask things that are not related to the disease,” he said.

Patients must also be honest and open with doctors. Notify all medical records, including other drugs consumed so that the risk of side effects due to interactions with different drugs can be minimized. This is the patient’s role in preventing medication errors.

Not providing accurate and open information when consulting a doctor can lead to medication errors.

Follow all recommendations from the doctor so that the treatment process runs smoothly, including taking the correct dosage and sticking to all medication schedules. Do not mix several drugs carelessly without knowing the effect of the interaction.

Chairman of the Indonesian Cancer Foundation, dr. Aru Wicaksono Sudoyo added, patients can actively seek information about the drugs they consume. If the patient is receiving two drugs prescribed by different doctors, ask whether the two can be compatible when taken together.

In addition, live a healthy lifestyle so that your body condition does not deteriorate. Even if the doctor does not prescribe it, the patient must know and apply things such as avoiding a non-stressful environment to exercising regularly.

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Reporter: Nanien Yuniar
Editor: Ida Nurcahyani

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