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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to Visit China for Talks on Managing Relations

WASHINGTON, July 3 – The U.S. Treasury said Sunday that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will visit China July 6-9, the second U.S. secretary to visit China after deteriorating relations. Down earlier this year because of a Chinese spy balloon flying over US airspace and being shot down.

The statement stated that Ms Yellen will discuss with China’s finance minister the importance of the two countries managing relations responsibly. Communicate directly on issues of concern. and work together to tackle global challenges. US officials said Yellen will discuss the US outlook on economic relations with China. They will also meet senior Chinese officials and top US companies. US officials clarified that U.S. actions to defend national security and human rights interests. There is no intention of economically taking advantage of China. The United States wants to have a good relationship with China. not looking for economic isolation and to continue to cooperate on pressing challenges such as climate change and debt issues. but aims to establish a long-term communication channel with China.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken previously met with President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Qiang and Foreign Minister Qin Gang during their visit to China in June. It is the highest-level US official to visit China in nearly five years.-Thai News Agency

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