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RAPPER: Travis Scott, who has two children with Kylie Jenner, has over 38 million monthly players on Spotify.

More than six months after the Astroworld tragedy, Travis Scott (31) stopped his Coney Island show on Monday night to ensure fans’ safety.


Less than 30 minutes ago

The 31-year-old “Sicko Mode” rapper performed at The Day Party in New York when fans climbed into a scaffolding.

– We need you to go down, says Scott from the stage.

TMZ has published photos and videos showing people dangling up in the scaffolding. One of them was wearing a Spider-Man costume. Scott immediately stopped the concert and ordered them to climb down.

The rapper continued the concert after the audience climbed down from the scaffolding.

The crowds at the Astroworld Festival

Last year, during Scott’s annual music festival – Astroworld – a packed crowd was pushed forward towards the stage. The tragedy resulted in the deaths of ten people – including one nine year old boy.

ASTROWORLD: The emergency services moved massively to the Astroworld Festival in Texas in November 2021 where about 50,000 festival goers participated. Many were injured and ten people died after the congestion that occurred.

A day after the festival tragedy Scott broke the silence and shared the following on social media:

“I am just devastated by what happened yesterday. My prayers go out to the families and those affected by the event during the Astroworld Festival. The Houston Police Department has my full support as they continue their investigation into the tragic loss of life. “

The 31-year-old was sued by several of the victims’ families and the festival participants after the tragedy. He went out and stated that he would cover all the funeral costs of the dead and help pay for mental health care for those affected by the accident.

Live Nation is also currently facing a number of lawsuits regarding the incident.

The rapper has been criticized for not stopping the concert earlier, but his spokesmen have always claimed that the artist was unable to see everything that was going on in the crowd. He himself has denied legal responsibility.

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