Travis Scott offers $1 million to African-American students!

The famous rapper Travis Scott has just made a wonderful gift to many African-American students.

Travis Scott’s goal with this donation is to help African-American students graduate. The MCE TV editorial explains everything from A to Z!

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner bounce back from Astroworld drama

Sunday May 15, 2022, Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner were spotted at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegasat the Billboard Music Awards ceremony.

It’s been a long time that we had not seen them in public. Let’s not forget what happened at the Astroworld festival. As a reminder, in November 2021, ten people lost their lives. This makes following a crowd movement. They are dead “asphyxiation by compression”.

Travis Scott (and Drake who accompanied the rapper on stage) had to face justice. They were blamed to have continued the show despite the circumstances. So hard to bounce back after that.

However, Travis Scott behaved like a man. Thereby, he paid tribute to the victims and decided to set up a projectentitled Heal.

“So my team and I created Project HEAL to take the necessary steps. To support real solutions that make all events the safest possible spaces. », he announced, in early March. The MCE TV editorial staff tells you more, in the rest of this article.

Travis Scott offers $1 million to African-American students!
Travis Scott offers $1 million to African-American students!

The rapper supports the students

The darling of Kylie Jenner does not wait for a drama to happen to help his neighbor. Proof, Move just announced that Travis Scott is ready to do another good deed.

According to the words of our colleagues, the rapper is about to offer $1 million to African American students. Well say so. Just that.

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The goal, for Travis Scott, is that students do not have to worry about money in their studies. They must be able to choose what they want to becomewithout any limit.

A hundred young students from the 2022 class of HBCUs are concerned. FYI, these are historically black colleges and universities (that his parents went to).

“Excellence abounds in every black home, but too often opportunities are not and black students are left behind or excluded. So that’s what my family and I set out to change. », exclaimed the darling of Kylie Jenner in a press release. Yes, Travis Scott wants a bright future for young people, including for his own children.

But where will Travis Scott get his supplies? Always according to the media Movethe money will come from Waymon Webster scholarship fund. This is the foundation that he created himself.

It remains to be seen whether this beautiful gesture will allow the rapper to to redeem an image with the whole world, after the Astroworld festival disaster. And you what do you think ? At the editorial office of MCE TV, in any case, we approve of the idea.

Photo Credit: UPI/ABACA
Collin Xavier/Image Press Agency ABACA

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