Traveling is not for the elderly

On 6 May, Britain’s new king, King Charles, will be crowned and US President Joe Biden has been invited to the coronation.

It has not been confirmed from either the British or the American side whether the president will participate in the solemn ceremony, but on Friday The Telegraph reported that Biden would not attend the coronation as he allegedly has other commitments on the same date.

Now sources claim to newspaper that it should not have been a fully booked calendar that is the reason for the rejection of the invitation, but that the White House is skeptical of the trip due to the president’s advanced age.

– Joe Biden is too old to cross the Atlantic twice in a month, claims the source.

US President Joe Biden was a bit unlucky on his way up the stairs to his Air Force One after his visit to Poland. Video: Reuters
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The president is said to have plans to visit Northern Ireland for another event at the end of April. Those close to him must therefore have wanted to avoid Biden becoming too tired for his duties at home in the states by traveling a lot around the globe.

– The guy is 80. They thus limit his activity considerably, the source must have said.

However, such measures should not be unusual, writes the newspaper. Former President Donald Trump is also said to have received similar restrictions during his presidency, despite his somewhat younger age.

Biden against Putin: – A big mistake

The White House has not confirmed claims that travel plans may be affected by Biden’s age.

The Telegraph further writes that the US has specified that Biden’s possible absence should not be interpreted as a rejection. There is also speculation as to whether first lady Jill Biden will attend the coronation instead of the president himself.

Biden is the oldest president in US history. Ever since the election campaign where he came away with the victory in 2020, his old age and state of health have been a topic.

Earlier in March, the president’s doctor confirmed the discovery of cancer cells after a lesion was removed from the president’s chest that same year.

All cancerous tissue must have been removed and there was no need for further treatment, according to the doctor.

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