Travel with Ease: Netizen’s Free ChatGPT Translator with Multiple Language Support and Voice Input

ChatGPT and AI have been trending recently. After the iOS version of ChatGPT was launched in Taiwan, it attracted many people to download it. In just a few days, it rushed to the top of the App Store’s “productivity tool”. Today I want to share with you a A practical gadget related to ChatGPT is a ChatGPT translator made by a netizen Luo Xuchen

URL link:click me to open. This travel “ChatGPT translator” can be used on both mobile phones and computers. The netizens who designed the website are very careful and ingenious. If you open it with a browser on your mobile phone, you can directly let the other party see it without turning the phone around. what you typed.It also supports two-way voice input. It is very convenient to use this translation tool if you want to ask passers-by for directions or simple questions in a different place, but it is a thoughtful reminder to pay attention to safety first.

Travel can be used!Netizens self-made free

At present, Henley has tried a round of languages ​​and found that it has a complete range of languages. In addition to Japanese and English, which may be very commonly used by Taiwanese, some European language countries also support it. If you need it, you can try it again.

Travel can be used!Netizens self-made free

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