“Trapped” today on ARD: plot, actors, locations, reviews of the drama

As part of “FilmWittwoch im Erste”, ARD is showing the film “Captured” today. In the TV drama, Wolfram Koch plays a traumatized police officer and has received numerous reviews for his role.

  • Today, Wednesday (April 7th, 2021), the ARD shows a TV premiere with actor Wolfram Koch.
  • “Gefangen” is about a police officer who loses his distance to the fate of an injured family.
  • All information and background information about the cast and locations of the psychodrama in the first at a glance.

Today (April 7th, 2021) is “FilmWittwoch im Erste” again: In the TV drama “Gefangen”, which ARD shows at 8.15 p.m., the well-known actor Wolfram Koch plays a traumatized policeman who happened to observe a fatal traffic accident and then participated struggling to process what he has experienced so much that he threatens to lose himself.

“Trapped” today on ARD: What is the TV drama about?

In the psychodrama “Captured” the veteran policeman Harry Austria happened to witness a traffic accident and tried to save the family who had crashed with his young colleague René. But they can only rescue their parents and two little girls dead from the car. In addition, he realizes that he knows the man. The day before, during a traffic stop, he had told him about his family – a family that has now been wiped out.

As a result, the former SEK official and die-hard policeman struggled to process what he had experienced and reached his limits in the process. Because Harry’s life is currently in upheaval: his son is moving through Australia, his pubescent daughter Vicky would like to move in with him and his new wife Ellen is expecting a child from him, which the others do not yet know.

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And something strange happens to Harry: The more fragile his own family environment appears to him, the more he is drawn to the empty house of the fatally injured family and their fate. In doing so, he slowly loses all professional distance and finally identifies himself so much with the victims that he begins to take on Ronny’s identity. Pregnant Ellen and twelve-year-old Vicky follow him to the edge of this abyss when Harry decides to move into the house, which is now for sale, and even lets a wolf into it.

The ARD drama “Captured”: an overview of locations, production and actors

The film was shot in Belgrade and the surrounding area from August to October 2019. The main role of the traumatized police officer Harry is played by the actor Wolfram Koch, who is known, among other things, for his role as Frankfurt “Tatort” commissioner Paul Brix, which he has played since 2015. The 59-year-old is also active as a theater actor and audio book speaker and was most recently part of the German Netflix production “Dark”. According to his own statement, he was immediately enthusiastic about the script for “Gefangen” and the stylistic implementation also seems to meet his taste. “I like that Elke Hauck didn’t use any horror elements when staging the story, but opted for a mystical narrative style. Because the story is accompanied by a rather unusual film music, “Gefangen” has, in my opinion, something of the style and content of a “film noir”, Koch told ARD.

Elke Hauck, this is the director of the film, who also wrote the script. According to her own statements, the idea for the film came from a real experience. In the course of interviews she conducted for another film, a man told her that everything in his family is always done together. For example, everyone would drive to the store together when a family member needed new shoes. “This man seemed very afraid that something might tear the family apart. I found it scary, especially when I heard that all four of them had a serious accident together … “, reports Hauck in an ARD interview. “This man’s story sparked a flood of projections in me. So I was looking for a “substitute figure” for myself, someone who is similar to me, but whose encounter with the family that has crashed is much more immediate. ”The character of Harry was then created through her research.

“Trapped” in Das Erste: Is it worth switching on the TV film today in Das Erste?

In the TV reviews that have appeared in advance, the acting performance of Wolfram Koch is particularly emphasized. However, opinions differ on the way the film is made. “An elusive, oppressive tension always resonates in the story, which is supposed to discharge in a kind of“ grand finale ”with a horror film-like setting. In the end, the viewer is left at a loss. You can not get rid of the feeling that the potential of the actually strong basic idea in ‘Gefangen’ could not be fully exploited ”, says Christopher Schmitt in the criticism of the TV magazine “Prism”while editing the television magazine “TV feature film” writes of a “metaphysical ballad of fate” and ultimately comes to a positive conclusion: “Really well-played coping with trauma without emotional drudgery”.

Presumably, the psychodrama should not meet everyone’s taste due to the mystical narrative style, but also meet with enthusiasm among fans of unconventional film-making. “Atmosphere and visual expressiveness take precedence over strict realism and explanatory dialogues, so ‘Gefangen’ stands out from conventional TV food. Anyone who expects a film with a clear resolution will not be satisfied. In return, Hauck gives the audience plenty of room for their own thoughts and interpretations – and especially the versatile Wolfram Koch plenty of room to prove his skills, ”says Thomas Gehringer, adding the special features of the film tittelbach.tv together.

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The psychodrama “Gefangen” in Das Erste and online in the ARD media library

This evening (April 7th, 2021) at 8:15 pm, ARD is showing the psychodrama “Captured” with actor Wolfram Koch, who plays a traumatized police officer, as part of “FilmWittwoch im Erste”. The film is already available for streaming in the broadcaster’s media library until July 7, 2021.

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