“Transhumanism and posthumanist Fictions” (M. Magda Maftei, dir.)

Journal of Human Sciences, n ° 341, January-March 2021:

“Transhumanism and posthumanist Fictions”

Mara Magda Maftei (dir.)

Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, 2021.

EAN13: 9782913761889.

Transhumanism intends to create an “augmented man”, freed from his biological contingencies and more efficient. Posthumanist Fictions raise the anthropological, philosophical, political, economic and social questions that this raises.

This issue devoted to transhumanism and posthumanism confronts for the first time the points of view of researchers in literature, philosophy and science with French writers concerned by the modifications made to man via NBIC technologies. Interviews with Pierre Ducrozet, Isabelle Jarry, Antoine Bello, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia and François-Régis de Guenyveau show to what extent contemporary writers draw on the theories and experiences woven around the posthuman as well as personalities who increasingly populate our daily lives like Elon Musk, Ray Kurzweil or Nick Bostrom.


A stable transhumanism and a multiple posthumanism – Mara Magda MAFTEI

Arts and Fictions

The subject of posthumanism. Thoughts on some contemporary novels in times of pandemic – Jean-Paul ENGÉLIBERT

The televisual posthuman, a plural and hybrid figure in screen culture – Elaine DESPRÉS, Hélène MACHINAL

Imaginaries and experiences of the post-human in contemporary art – Marie Laure DELAPORTE

The fluidic man or hyper-man in Paul Otlet (1868-1944). A complex transhumanist perspective – Olivier LE DEUFF

Word to the writers

Interviews with Mara Magda Maftei

The contemporary body – Pierre DUCROZET

The figure of the android – Isabelle JARRY

A disembodied consciousness – Gabriel NAËJ (Jean-Gabriel GANASCIA)

The transhumanist runaway – François-Régis DE GUENYVEAU

An overly efficient artificial intelligence – Antoine BEAUTIFUL

Philosophical approaches

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Transhumanism and the question of perfection – Jean-Yves GOFFI

Nostalgia for the future. The transhumanist narrative – Paul-Laurent ASSOUN

The confined posthuman: the synhaptic membrane – Pierre CASSOU-NOGUÈS

Man augmented by institutions and artifice in institutional speech – Emmanuel PICAVET

Moralization of naked life – transhumanism and biopolitics – Katia SCHWERZMANN

From Science to Science Fiction

Neuroprostheses for humans: between therapy and augmentation – Éric FOURNERET, Clément HÉBERT, Blaise YVERT

What if my disappearance was told to me? Transhumanism, posthumanism and science fiction – Marc ATALLAH

From the technicization of bodies to post-humanity? Cyberpunk as a moment and space of problematization of the transformations of the human condition – Yannick DRUM

Truth and / or post-truth in a world where “Everything is linked” – Jacques PRINTZ


Mara Magda Maftei is Professor of Universities in Bucharest and Associate Researcher of the Observatory of Contemporary French and Francophone Writings at the University of Paris Nanterre. She has been a visiting scholar of the College of World Studies, FMSH. She has a doctorate in French literature (2009) and a doctorate in the history of economic thought (2007). She is a literary critic and essayist and has published numerous books and articles internationally, including two books in French: Cioran and the dream of a lost generation, 2013, L’Harmattan, (collection Philosophical opening) and An original Cioran. Why is he intriguing?, 2016, Yves Michalon Editor, Éditions Fauves. She is currently co-directing a research project entitled “Transhumanism and posthumanism between realities and imaginations” at the University of Paris-Nanterre.

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