transgender person sentenced after running over two nightclub bouncers

His lawyer mentioned a “transphobic act” as the trigger. The prosecutor nevertheless denounced an “immunity totem justifying all violent remarks and behavior”.

She will not have taken advantage of her vacation as planned. A transgender tourist has been convicted of aggravated acts of violence, after having run over two nightclub bouncers who had just refused her entry into their establishment. The prosecution confirmed to Figaro a sentence of two years’ imprisonment, including 12 months suspended.

One Var-Matin called Malik (first name changed) had spent the beginning of the evening of Sunday June 26 in the center of Toulon, on the beaches of Mourillon. She then took her vehicle to go to a nightclub in Solliès-Pont, about ten kilometers away. On the spot, the bouncers of the establishment would have had an altercation with her. Everyone’s version differs: the bouncers brought up racial slurs, and one conceded giving “a little twistto this client, according to him obviously drunk. For his part, Malik denounces transphobic aggression and violence. The bouncers reportedly claimed that “we don’t let people like (her) in“, without it being known whether this referred to his drunkenness or his identity. “We laugh, we throw stones at her… She called the gendarmerie to denounce a transphobic attack but again, we made a remark to her which denies her in her existence“, described his lawyer Me Jérémy Nanaï.

Malik would have returned to Toulon before returning to the establishment at night, in the early morning. Surveillance footage reportedly shows his Fiat 500 being deliberately driven towards the two bouncers in the nightclub parking lot. The victims were notably injured in the neck, and transported to the Sainte-Musse hospital. As for the aggressor, after returning to her vacation home, she herself had to be hospitalized due to illness… finding herself in the same establishment as her victims.

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She would have again shown a certain aggressiveness, attacking in particular the companion of one of the bouncers and a security guard. Finally, the damage of the two bouncers was quantified at five and ten days of total incapacity for work (ITT).

The case went to trial immediately on Friday July 1. According to Toulon prosecutor Samuel Finielz with the Figarosome of the insults “emerge from the videos taken by the defendant himself using his mobile phone, without highlighting comments of a homophobic nature on the part of the security guards of the establishment“. According Var-Matinthe prosecutor considered that the posture adopted by the defense, which evokes the transphobic act, did not hold: “The question of sexual identity is used as a sort of totem of immunity that justifies all violent remarks and behavior. Madam, the problem is not your sexual identity. The problem is your feeling of impunity“, launched the prosecutor.

The defendant admitted to having consumed alcohol and narcotics, and acknowledged the facts: “I understand that it is because of me that I am here, what I did is very seriousshe apologized. She was sentenced to 24 months’ imprisonment, including 12 months suspended, as well as compensation for the victims, and an obligation to take care of her addictions and impulsiveness. She was imprisoned in the Farlède prison.

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