Transfer Rumors – Ex Persib has taken a photo with Raffi Ahmad, the RANS Cilegon FC is inhabited by celebrities and Indonesian national team players


Rans Cilegon FC logo (the club that was previously named Cilegon United).



BOLASPORT.COM – Rumors about potential players RANS Cilegon FC continues to emerge, and today some big names ranging from celebrities to players Indonesian National team rumored to be joining.

RANS Cilegon FC continue to prepare ahead of the rolling League 2 2021.

Currently the club is owned by Raffi Ahmad | and Rudy Salin has held a selection for the prospective players they will recruit.

Apart from that, there are also some rumors about the upcoming transfer RANS Cilegon FC.

The first is a matter of two players Indonesian U-19 national team who will be joining soon.

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They are Sutan Zico and Rendy Juliansyah.

Even though they are currently undergoing selection, the opportunity for both of them to join is quite large, which is also recognized by the Advisory Board of the RANS Cilegon FC, Yudhi Apriyanto.

“God willing, they will join,” said Yudhi Apriyanto to


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