Transavia’s mistake could cost travelers money | NOW

Tens of thousands of Transavia travelers who are most likely eligible for compensation have not received anything due to an error on the website. This is what it says Consumers Association, which believes Transavia should correct this error. According to the airline, it appears to be an incorrect application form.

The Consumers’ Association has received reports that Transavia’s online claim form often incorrectly indicates that someone is not entitled to compensation. These are passengers whose flight was canceled and who subsequently traveled on another Transavia flight.

According to EU rules, if an airline cancels a flight, the company must return the money to the travelers or offer a replacement flight. If your flight is canceled early or if you arrive late than expected, you are also entitled to compensation of up to 600 euros per person.

“According to our data, Transavia has canceled around three hundred flights in the past six months, for which passengers are most likely entitled to compensation. These cancellations affect several tens of thousands of passengers,” says Sandra Molenaar, director of the Association of consumers.

Transavia says it is regrettable that the Consumers’ Association immediately approached the media with the complaint. As a result, the airline didn’t have time to find out exactly what’s going on. “Now it appears that the investigation was based on the wrong form,” a spokesperson said.

The company hopes to start discussions with the Consumers’ Association to find out together what exactly is going on.

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