Transavia enters into package travel and regrets ‘corona challenges’ | NOW

KLM subsidiary Transavia operates on the tour operator’s premises. With Transavia Holidays, the company offers package holidays from Tuesday. Transavia also states that travelers who are still waiting for their money from a canceled flight can expect to do so by the beginning of September at the latest.

Transavia actually wanted to launch the new branch that also offers package travel in April. But then the planes were grounded as a result of the corona crisis. Now that Transavia Holidays is being announced, Transavia would like to immediately take the opportunity to express its regret about the course of events surrounding the corona crisis.

When Transavia started flying again at the beginning of July, flights still had to be canceled a number of times. “Starting up our flight schedule, we have faced significant challenges that have bothered our partners and passengers. We are sorry and fortunately for the most part it has been resolved.”

In addition, 95 percent of customers who saw their flight fall into water between March and July as a result of the corona crisis, have now been offered the option of wanting a refund instead of the previously offered voucher. Travelers should have that choice, but they were not initially given it.

Air travel of two million people canceled

That process is now almost completed, Transavia says it is at 95 percent, but people will not have their money back yet. “We are automating that process and customers should have their money back by early September,” said a spokesperson. “This concerns some of those travelers, a large number also keep the voucher or have already used it.”

In total, Transavia had to cancel about nine thousand flights, affecting approximately two million passengers.

With Transavia Holidays, Transavia says it meets consumers’ need for the convenience of booking everything in one – travel, accommodation and possibly local transport – and for security.

Travel world is changing rapidly

Transavia’s new travel arm joins the ANVR and Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden (SGR). “With which every booking is covered by the SGR guarantee.” Transavia is pre-eminently a company that flies a lot for tour operators and is therefore emphatically in the waters of the large customers with the new company.

“We have thought carefully about this step and informed them about it,” said a spokesman. “We don’t attack them with it.” The travel world is changing rapidly and Transavia wants to join in. The spokesperson also points to the disappearance of Thomas Cook as a provider.

That tour operator went bankrupt a little less than a year ago.

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