Traitor Stefano through the ribbon: ‘You are not justified winners’

Attention: This article contains spoilers about the finale of The Traitors.

In the morning Stefano, clad in a blue robe, joins the breakfast room in a bloody mood. He does not want to exchange a word with the other candidates and moves his chair far away from them. “I have a dark brown suspicion that Stefano is not doing well,” says Steven Brunswijk. “Are you mad?” “Yes”, Stefano replies. He indicates that he is not angry with the group. “I don’t talk to the round table anymore.”

Obviously the Faithful are on Stefano. And the Traitor feels that all too well. During the round table, he explains what drives him to participate in the program. “It starts with something personal”, he starts his last words. “I have had almost no income for the past two years. Largely due to corona. (…) I live in a social rental house of 20 square meters. I can join twice a month Humberto take a photo for 300 euros.”

“So unlike you, I entered this game with the motivation to win the prize money,” Stefano says of the silver pot he would like to take home with him. “I saw my chance to get this prize money, which I desperately need to close my holes, go up in smoke.”

He is pissed at the Faithful who are left. “It stings me. Not because I’m losing it. (…) Why does it sting me? Because personally I really don’t think the three of you are the rightful winners of this program,” he says hard. “There have been other people who have played the game. You are the candidates in it who have not shown the quality to be able to say: ‘I deservedly won this game.’” Stefano believes that only the Traitors should have won.

Stefano says during his unveiling: “I am not a Traitor, I am The Traitor.” He then dramatically walks away. Dionne is moved to tears. “I really don’t understand what this is needed for, sorry.” She is comforted by her fellow Faithful. “I don’t understand why this has to be so hard,” she sobs.

Then the three of the Faithful are left and have to fight among themselves who will take the silver home. Toine van Peperstraten, Steven and Dionne all three opt for fidelity and each take a third of the pot home. They are over the moon. “Oh, man, what an adventure, huh?” says Tony. And so after nine weeks the blood-curdling program comes to an end.

All episodes of The Traitors look back at Videoland.

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