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Beatriz Morena Díaz of the Association Running for Smiles announced “Train with a Cause”, an event that will be held in favor of Lucia Rivera Hernández, who suffers from acute lymphoid leukemia, on March 8 as part of Women’s Day.

He called on the runners to add kilometers of help. At the same time thanked the participation of San Juan, who have been present in previous causes.

The organizing committee explained that due to the circumstances in which we are experiencing a pandemic, a massive face-to-face race cannot be held, but from every home, park, corner of the city that participates.

“Let’s support, we runners do what we like to run and the best thing is to do it for a cause, let’s change kilometers for smiles,” she declared.

Beatriz invited the runners to implement the health protocols that go out for a run is required, to try to be a route in which they are not exposed to contagions and accidents. Registrations will be made through Oxxo in the account 4766 8410 9868 6093 at WhatsApp 272 281 0801.

As in previous events, Running for Smiles shows solidarity with social causes, for example, it carried out the race for health care and self-exploration on Breast Cancer Day at Deportiva Maquío on October 19, bringing together no more than 30 runners for the issue of the pandemic, who represented the rest of the women.

Running for Smiles is a pillar of support for people who are going through some difficulty, which they solve as much as possible with medical help and company.


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