Training Monday through Friday: a complete routine for physical activity at home

There are already several days that govern total quarantine throughout the country, where training in gyms and squares is not allowed. However, the recommendation of health professionals is to continue practicing physical activity to avoid falling into a sedentary life.

Infinite are the options that exist today to exercise. From free applications on the cell phone to perform exercise routines, physical education teachers who share tips through their Instagram accounts, or even dance classes like zumba to follow a coach from platforms like YouTube.

In dialogue with Infobae, Fausto Borghiani, Epo Training coach, shared five exercise routines to perform from Monday to Friday at different rhythms and suitable for everyone, including those who are just starting out with physical activity and those who already had their training plan.

“Most routines are intended for all people who are in full quarantine; you have to do a good training routine where the frequency really goes up. It is known as high intensity training, mixing strength, resistance, aerobic, and anaerobic exercises. These are only for people who already have a medical fit ”.

50 squats with side kick

50 lunges back

For those who are already training, it is recommended to do four laps of each exercise. For those who train 2 to 3 times a week, only one lap, and those who are just starting to do 30 repetitions. “This is a routine located in the lower body and works the inner side of the thigh.”

Although it seems the most harmless, it is not. Perform the indicated exercises for 20 minutes without stopping, doing the maximum number of laps that one can in that time.

60/50/40/30 repetitions of mountain climbers

60/50/40/30 seconds high plate

30 and 30/25 and 25/20 and 20/15 and 15 on each Bulgarian squat leg

60/50/40/30 lateral displacements

This plan is to start from the left column to the right. First the 60 repetitions, and then go down until you reach the last ones.

Squat and shoulder press with elements

This plan is to perform the indicated number of repetitions of each exercise. Once the round is finished, make the following amount. Thus until reaching 40 repetitions.

50 lateral displacements

10 push-ups and extension

Downward work. For those who do not train, of the suggested, do half and if you have the rest, repeat it.

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