Training ahead of the national football team to prepare for the top 40

The national football team prepares for the top 40 in advance

Our reporter Li Li

The time for the first training session of the Chinese National Men’s Football Team in 2021 has been basically finalized. The team will conduct a training session for about 20 days at Mission Hills Base in Haikou from January 22 to February 10. This training session is to prepare for the possibility. The two World Preliminary Asian Top 40 games started in March. After the independent coach Li Tie took office in January last year, the national football team has not even played a formal warm-up match for a whole year, and has only conducted four training camps. In order to pass the top 40 and reach the top 12 in an unfavorable situation, the national football team has a very heavy preparation task.

Li Tie is a little worried

In the previous top 40 games in Asia, the national football results were poor. The former coach, the belt team, played 4 games and achieved 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. The qualifying team was precarious, and Lippi also resigned after leading the team to the Syrian team. Subsequently, the current national football coach Li Tie took office. After taking office, Li Tie led the national football team for 4 training camps. However, affected by the epidemic, the national football team has not participated in an official international game in 2020, and has not even played an official warm-up match. Under this circumstance, Li Tie could only constantly travel between Dalian and Suzhou during the Chinese Super League last season to inspect players on a large scale during the game.

There is no official competition, and the number of naturalized players has increased. How to ensure that there are no accidents in the remaining matches of the top 40 is naturally an urgent matter for the national football team. In addition, the top 40 matches may restart at the end of March, so the national football team has advanced the training camp that was originally planned to start at the end of this month by 4 days.

Previously, players from the four clubs of the Chinese Super League were affected by the itinerary and isolation policy after participating in the AFC Champions League. Basically, they did not go home until the end of last year. Under this circumstance, the coaching staff, in line with the idea of ​​allowing the players to rest for a few more days, plans to arrange the training camp to start on the 26th of this month. However, after receiving the seventh and eighth rounds of the top 40 from the AFC on the 9th, the coaching staff decided to advance the training time. Although it is uncertain whether the game will take place in March as scheduled, it is always safer to prepare early.

Running-in formation is the point

After the training time is finalized, the focus of the training is also very clear, that is, the running formation.

Judging from the previous four training sessions, Li Tie generally recruits about 27 players in each training session to ensure that at least two suitable players are selected for each position. In this training session, in view of the important task of preparing for the World Preliminaries, the national football coaching staff has delineated a large list of nearly 40 people before finalizing the specific candidates. These days, Li Tie is confirming the physical conditions of the players on the roster one by one. In the end, the national football coaching staff will finally determine a training list of about 30 people based on the players’ status. To be sure, there will be many naturalized players in this list. At present, Alan, Luo Guofu, Fernando and other naturalized players have returned to China and are in isolation while Exxon has been in China. But Li Ke and Jiang Guangtai, both in the UK, have determined that they will not be eligible for this training session.

The coaching staff also has their own considerations on how to arrange a training camp of about 20 days. In addition to the necessary reserves of physical fitness, tactical exercises are the top priority. The last training session of the National Football Team was last October, and more than three months have passed. The players need to review Li Tie’s tactical guiding ideology. Newly selected players, especially several naturalized players, also face the heavy task of running in with the team.

Editor in charge: Zhao Guijin (EK003)


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