Trainer Loses Master Ball in Pokémon GO to Impostor Pokémon Zorua


The Master Ball arrived in the game just a few days ago and a Trainer sent it off in the worst way possible.

UNUSUAL! Trainer loses his Master Ball in Pokémon GO by an impostor Pokémon

At the end of May Niantic finished launching the missions in Pokémon GO that allow players to get the long-awaited Master Ball. And while it’s a precious item used on a very special occasion, one player was tricked by the game and spent it on an impostor.

The Master Ball is the Pokéball that has a 100% capture rate, so it is usually used to catch Legendary Pokémon, or some pseudo-Legendaries like Beldum, which are extremely difficult to capture. However, one of the Pokémon GO players ended up being tricked and used it on a little Zorua.

Of course, this is because Zorua is known as the Impostor Pokémon, and it takes the form of the opponent’s turn at the start of the fight. In this case, one of the legendary Galar birds, Pokémon of the Trainer who faced him. “I tried to capture a 3096 CP Galar Item. I got a Zorua… Is this a joke? Could you give me back my Master Ball? This is ridiculous“, he commented in a post on Twitter, which was picked up on Reddit.

Of course, the response from the community was immediate, and it is basically what every coach does: Why spend the Master Ball on a Pokémon you already have registered in your PokéDex?

Well, in the end, Trainer may have learned his lesson, and so have those who have seen his post. Therefore, in the future, we will have to be careful with Ditto and also with Zorua.

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This Thursday begins the new Hidden Gems Seasonwhere they will return dark raids and we will find several new events within the game. Among them are the Axew Community Day and the new Raid Bosses.

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