train your legs, abs and buttocks with a chair

GAG is a famous workout that works and sculpts the 3 most coveted areas of all women: legs, abs and buttocks. For this workout, you need to know all the exercises that will be performed with the use of only one chair. Let’s find out how

Training at home with the GAG ​​circuit (Pexels / pixabay)

In this period, in which training at home has become the rule, we can get many more results and benefits than we think. L’important is to proceed with workouts that are targeted.

For this reason today we offer you a GAG workout, an intense workout that focuses on lower body: belly, waist, buttocks and legs.

It is about areas that are more prone to the accumulation of localized adiposity and thus become a problem for most of the women. Certainly thesupply play, as always, a central role in weight loss and body toning but alone is of little use.

L’extremely beneficial effect it occurs only when you also make some toning exercises they are intense e in the affected areas. Only that way the muscles they will be solicited and the fat will have no way to settle.

Today therefore, we offer you some GAG ​​exercises that you can perform easily home with the solo help of a chair.

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GAG circuit with a chair

GAG training with chair (Pexels / pixabay)

Per tone to the best your body, no specific tools are required, it will be enough for you simply use an object of daily use. In this case, what we suggest is the GAG workout with chair. The exercises are simple and effective, and you will have a stable and rigid tool at your disposal, that it will help you keep your balance and the right posture during the movements.

It is a circuit with exercises that, if practiced consistently, they will give you huge benefits. Let’s find out together.

Step onto the chair. Position the chair in front of you and stay in upright position with your arms stretched out at your sides. Subsequently place your left foot on the chair e, pushing, step onto the chair with both feet. Once you’re up, get off again using the left foot as the supporting foot. Make sure you have a sturdy chair and proceed with the repetitions alternating legs.

Squat on one leg. Place the chair always in front of you and only supports the heel of the left foot. From this position, find your balance and proceed bending the right leg in a movement of squat. When the squat is finished, return to the starting position e repeat the movement alternating legs. To help you and have more balance, when you squat, keep your hands together at eye level.

Bulgarian lunge. In this case, always start from one upright position but fix it chair behind you. Lay the back of the left foot on the chair and, bending the right leg, do a squat. Again, help by placing the hands forward, joined and at the height of your eyes.

Moments. Position yourself stand in front of the chair and grab its edge. As you rest your hands, lean forward slightly and with the right leg half bent, bring the left leg back and straighten it. Run one series of backward leaps alternating legs.

Crunch. Sit down on the edge of the chair, hold on to the back with your hands and stretch both legs out in front of you. Gives this positioninspiring and breathing, stretch and bend your legs as if they were an accordion. To help you keep theBalance, stare at a point in front of you throughout the course.

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Per perform the GAG ​​circuit at its best just proposed, they are some simple precautions are necessary, to make the exercises extremely beneficial e tone your body in the best possible way.

First of all don’t try too hard. If you are a beginner, listen to your body and proceed with some short but more frequent repetitions.

Each exercise can he last from 30 seconds to 1 minute depending on your preparation. One time finished, starts the sequence again in the initial order.

Even the number of sequences it depends on yours type of preparation. Repeat the circuit from a minimum of 2 times to a maximum of 4 with a pause a few minutes between one sequence and another.

Throughout the course of the exercises try to focus not on the number of repetitions but rather on the fair execution. It’s important keep your back straight out of the can not be bent, the abdomen always active e the belly in.

If you initially have balance problems, Besides set points in front of you, you can support during exercise, a hand to a wall or another chair.

Work with constancy and rhythm but following gods fluid movement and not too fast. To find the right times you can help you with some music.

work out
Work your abs with the GAG ​​circuit (5132824 / pixabay)

It is about effective exercises that you can comfortably perform at your home. So what are you waiting for? get yourself a chair and start your workout!

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