Traicho Traikov with an attack on Iva Miteva and Maya Manolova for the deputies’ salaries

Traicho Traikov Photo: Archive

Traicho Traikov strongly opposes Maya Manolova’s request for a reduction in MPs’ salaries.

Her proposal, which was ultimately not approved, envisions the basic salary of MPs to be BGN 1,576 instead of the current BGN 4,728, which is a triple reduction. Traikov of the DB, who is mayor of the capital’s Sredets district, also attacked parliamentary speaker Iva Miteva.

“Now I have heard the Speaker of the National Assembly say that the starting salary in the administration of a person without a day of experience is BGN 1,600. I don’t know which administration we are talking about, there are experts in our region with BGN 800 each, Mine is BGN 2400.

Either there are aristocrats in the National Assembly, or the lady has exaggerated in an attempt to refute the also ridiculous proposal of Maya Manolova for the deputies to take BGN 1,500 each.

Salaries will come everywhere where high value-added businesses work calmly and compete for qualified staff, without any gangster trying to become their majority partner, “Traikov wrote on his Facebook profile.

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