Tragic Discovery: Mother and Daughter Found Dead in Kristiansand Residence

Tragic Discovery: Mother and Daughter Found Dead in Kristiansand Residence

Police inspector Cecilie Pedersen in the Agder police district announced this at a press conference on Wednesday.

– The deceased have so far not been officially identified, but the investigation so far indicates that it is a mother and her eight-year-old daughter. Relatives have been notified, and the cause of death has not yet been confirmed, says the police inspector.

The police were notified of the incident at 1.21pm on Wednesday afternoon by a person who was to visit the address where the two were found dead.

So far, there is nothing to indicate that there is a danger to others, the police say.

Photo: Eirik Rognaldsen / NRK

No one else in the home

The incident happened at a private address and a large area has been cordoned off in Vågsbygd, a district outside the center of Kristiansand.

– The message was of such a nature that the police immediately understood that we were facing a serious incident. The police moved out with several patrols, and when they arrived they entered the home. Two people were found there who were lifeless. There were no other people in the home apart from the two dead, says Pedersen.

– Why are you investigating this as a double murder?

– It is based on the message that came in and the crime scene. Forensic technicians are still working at the scene, and we cannot say anything about the cause of death. But when you find two people lifeless in a home and see what the crime scene is like, we investigate this as a murder, explains the police inspector.

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Police Inspector Cecilie Pedersen says that no one has been arrested after the murders. She also does not want to comment on any suspects in the case at this time.

Photo: NTB

No one arrested

According to Pedersen, no one has yet been arrested and she will not comment on any suspects. She says the police are now trying to investigate widely to find out what happened.

– We are trying to find a motive for any action. We do a number of interviews and investigations, but I cannot go into detail about that, says Pedersen.

– Are you looking for specific people?

– I cannot go into more detail about it. We are investigating widely, she says and adds that there is no indication that people should feel scared after the incident.

The police will not say whether there were signs of violence at the scene, or whether the address was already known to the police.

The police have cordoned off large areas around the home and crime scene technicians are working at the scene.

Photo: Thomas Sommerset / NRK

Asking for tips

The police are on the scene with several police patrols and crime scene technicians. Several witness interviews have also been conducted.

– Surveys will also be carried out in the neighbourhood, says Pedersen.

The police now want to get in touch with people who may have information about the case.

– Especially people in the neighborhood who have video surveillance on their homes, or those with cars that have a surveillance camera on the outside of the car, says Pedersen.

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The investigation so far indicates that a mother and her eight-year-old daughter have been killed. On Wednesday evening, candles were lit for the dead in Vågsbygd.

Photo: Tom-Richard Hanssen Olsen / NRK

Neighbour: – Sad and incomprehensible

Neighbors NRK has spoken to describe the neighborhood as calm and quiet.

– Nothing would indicate that something like that would happen here, says the neighbour.

The person is shaken by the incident.

– This is sad and incomprehensible and does something to us, says the person.

Mayor Jan Oddvar Skisland (Ap) in Kristiansand informs NRK that the municipality’s crisis team “follows up and looks after the relatives and those around them”.

He couldn’t say anything more at this time.


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