Tragic Deaths Reported in Würzburg’s Haugerring Fire Incident

For reasons that are still unclear, on Tuesday evening in an apartment building in Wuerzburg a fire broke out. A large contingent von police, Fire department and an ambulance was at the scene. Any help came too late for one resident. Further investigations will be carried out by criminal police Wuerzburg in close coordination with the Public prosecutor Wuerzburg guided.

Around 7.30 p.m. several reports about the fire in the residential building in Haugerring were received. Both at the integrated control center of Fire department and rescue service as well as in the operations center of the police headquarters in Lower Franconia reported residents and passers-by who had noticed the fire. As a result, a large contingent the Würzburger Fire department and a variety of strips of Würzburg police to the scene of the fire.

while the Fire department could bring the fire under control quickly, the strips were the police responsible, among other things, for extensive blocking measures on the Haugerring, which is heavily frequented at this time. As a result, the emergency services found a lifeless woman in the affected apartment. For the woman, however, any help came too late.

The further investigations were carried out in the evening by the fire investigators of the criminal police Wuerzburg taken over and will be continued on Wednesday. In addition to the amount of damage, the investigators are trying in particular to clarify the exact cause of the fire and the identity of the dead police with.

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