Tragedy unites. Craftsmen and people from overseas offer help in Bohumín

And since he is a skilled craftsman, he offers – of course free of charge – painting and other work to tenants of fire or water-damaged households. “I have an appointment with two. When the clients who had arranged me earlier heard about it, they said: V… r come at us and roll in there! ”He describes. He also calls people on social networks to help.

One of the first to respond is Lada Franková, who is not from Bohumín and does not even know this city: “Let me know when you will start with help. I am an ordinary waitress, I have a time-consuming job and I can’t get involved other than financially. ”Petra Čermáková is from Louny, she intends to make a collection of clothes, cleaning products, things for the apartment.

“We have more: Kitchen utensils, blankets and clothes for children aged nine to thirteen,” says Nikol Černá with Rostislav Nevoral. Lenka Břečková will easily bring a cabinet under the TV and a coffee table (new and in the same design), a chandelier and a lamp. Barbora Kusiaková will provide basic equipment for babies.

“I want them to have it in the block of flats as before. The same colors, wallpapers and decorative stones – for example, I found a boy who can do it, ”notes the craftsman. People tell him that they plan to contribute to the purchase of material. Jana Radiscová – Gazdíková, on the other hand, promises the color she has at home. Eight kilograms of pink…


“I was pleased with the interest, I applaud everyone and thank you! But I’m not one to set up accounts. And if someone addresses you on my behalf, it’s definitely not me, “notes Mikulčík. Friends from Dallas or New York, USA, also say that they intend to help as well. Other good people turn directly to the town hall.

“There are a lot of them. They come, call, e-mail, write on social networks and offer both to put their hand to the work and clothes, furniture, food, “says Lucie Balcarová, a spokeswoman from Bohumín. They record all this at the office, and when they map the situation around the specific needs of the inhabitants of the block of flats in Nerudova street 1158, they let them know how much and what is needed.

“Someone’s fire and extinguishing completely destroyed the apartment, some did not have household insurance. They need help, “says the spokesman. The house where Zdeněk Konopka killed eleven people is a town. It is immediately arranged by the renovation (water flows, gas goes, electricity on the sixth floor). After writing down the damage, the policyholders can also repair the tenants.


It only goes up the stairs…

And after the fire and the fire brigade, they represent the only way to get into the block of flats in 1158 Nerudova Street, bring something inside and, on the contrary, take it out. However, the commissioning of the electrical installation is not a major problem. “The small elevator is completely destroyed, the engine room and electronics also need to be replaced. We have already placed an order to repair it. We will hopefully put the big elevator into operation, “says Lucie Balcarová, a spokeswoman for the city of Bohumín. This has the largest container of technical services for the destroyed equipment of the flats added to the house. Local volunteer firefighters also help to clear people – up the stairs, of course.

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