Tragedy Strikes at ‘t Goudvisje Childcare Farm: Child Fatally Injured

Tragedy Strikes at ‘t Goudvisje Childcare Farm: Child Fatally Injured

A child died on Monday afternoon at the ‘t Goudvisje childcare farm on Empelseweg in Empel. The shelter’s playground has been shielded by the emergency services. It is unclear what exactly happened. Forensic examination will be carried out on the playground on Monday afternoon.

Police did not answer questions about what happened Monday afternoon. The age of the victim and whether it is a boy or a girl have not been revealed. The child was resuscitated, but that help was no longer effective.

All parents have been asked to pick up their children from daycare. There are many emergency services present. An air ambulance also landed. A mother who comes to pick up her son tells our reporter that she is glad he didn’t see anything and therefore doesn’t know what happened.

Babies, toddlers and schoolchildren up to 13 years old are cared for at the childcare farm. The shelter has an indoor and outdoor section.

2023-09-18 13:39:17

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